Outdoor Video

Bring the game outside on a new outdoor TV. With new options and pricing for weatherproof displays, your cabana or patio has never looked so good. Keep up with the score while grilling out, or bring the family outside for movie night in the hot tub! With brands like SunbriteTV, Séura, and more, we can offer excellent video performance outside. The weatherproof TVs won’t get damaged from water exposure, humidity, or extreme heat. In addition, they are 2-3x as bright as typical indoor TVs, and have anti-glare screens, making them enjoyable and usable outside, even in broad daylight.

Outdoor Sound

Be heard, but not seen. Let our skilled team members design a high performance landscape sound system from premium brands like Triad, James Loudspeaker, Origin Acoustics, Sonance, and Episode. These audiophile-grade systems consist of multiple discrete speakers and in-ground subwoofers, and can provide powerful, energetic music outside. Enjoy smooth, high fidelity sound anywhere in your backyard, or crank up the volume and jam out to your favorite tunes, all controlled from your smartphone device. Or if need be, we offer a wide selection of conventional rock speakers and surface mount speakers, at every price point, to match any décor. Our outdoor sound systems have never sounded so good!

Staying Connected

Enjoying your entertainment outside typically means leaving your phone or laptop inside, as basic WIFI tends to not provide adequate coverage. We know how important it is to stay connected in today’s economy, which is why we offer several outdoor WIFI solutions. We can strategically place specialized weatherproof access points to provide powerful, fast, reliable WIFI coverage outside. This will allow you to make and receive phone calls with WIFI-calling, return emails, browse your favorite social media sites, or simply use your smartphone or tablet to control your music or outdoor TV. Don’t settle for WIFI dead zones, or dropped signals.

Setting the Mood

Having a simple way to control the environment and mood of every place in your home enhances the enjoyment and entertainment value, and your outdoor areas are no exception. By tying together your pool controls, water features, colored pool lights, fire pits, hot tub, and landscape lights with the touch of a button, you can set the mood for whatever the night may bring. Whether you’re just trying to relax, or you're hosting a dinner party, your outdoor lifestyle has never been easier and more enjoyable.