Wireless Networks

With more and more devices dependent on wireless technology, the basic internet modem the cable guy provided you with is not going to cut it anymore. Consumer-grade wireless networks can be prone to bottlenecked bandwidth, slow speeds, untimely disconnects and limited connection range. The proper wireless equipment and design can bring your slow wireless network out of the dark ages. Say hello to whole-home wireless network coverage, high speeds, and no more bottlenecks and frequent rebooting. With solutions for anything from a single bedroom apartment, to a 20k square foot home, our wireless networks can handle anything you can throw at it. Need a second network for your guests? You got it. High grade security and mesh networking for your office? Got that too. We can also optimize your existing network for iPhones, iPads, and laptops. We provide superior products from Ruckus Wireless, Ubiquiti, EnGenius and other manufacturers to meet any budget and performance needs.

Hardwire Networks

Even though wireless networking is becoming more prominent, hardwire networks are still the backbone for the modern smart home. The proper design is critical for the performance of any sized network and we have products that can meet any need. We can help integrate your internet modem with more reliable networking appliances to provide robust performance that doesn’t slow down and require a restart every time you stream that Netflix movie or start playing an online game. LAN management is also critical in appointing IP addresses to certain devices and provisioning a DHCP server that handles your mobile devices and guests for optimum performance. Our network technicians will optimize your network for maintenance-free performance and efficiency.

Firewall / Network Security

Just like you have a security system for your home, your network needs security as well. Eliminate the risk of viruses and secure your personal information by adding firewall appliances. The proper device can lock down your network and scan incoming and outgoing data. This will reduce the chance of getting a virus or having your personal data compromised. With solutions from Fortinet, Sonic Wall, Cisco, Juniper, Netgear, and more, we have many options for your exact needs. Contact our network specialist for a free consultation.

Network Storage (NAS)

Need a place to store all your family photos or to back up all the computers in your home? Network Attached Storage solutions are more cost effective than ever. With many difference sizes and RAID configurations, we can customize a solution for you. You can back all your computers up to your storage drive or optimize it for streaming media which will allow you to run your iTunes or movie server off the drive. With advanced configurations, we can provide redundant protection in the event of a hard drive failure in order to protect your priceless legal documents, family photos, and extensive music collection. Solutions from QNAP, Buffalo, Seagate and more offer products for any application.

Infrastructure Plan & Layout

When building a home or office, it is important to plan your network for both current and future needs. We can help. We will provide wiring schematics, consultation, and infrastructure wiring for any size job. Do you have a guest house in a separate building? We can link the two together with either wired or wireless hardware for the ultimate in value-based solutions. We will help identify estimated usage for both your current needs, and raise awareness for future needs to provide you the most value for your money.

Cellular Signal Boosting

Your wireless carrier says you have coverage at your home, but maybe that doesn’t account for your two-story home, the radiant barrier in the attic, a 50-year roof, or other modern construction materials that can kill cellular signal. Maybe you just get too many dropped calls when you walk in to your kitchen or you can’t receive calls when you’re on the patio. Let us provide you with an inexpensive solution to give you full cellular coverage for your cell phone anywhere in your home or office.