Home Theater

Whether you are looking for a high-performance screening room, or a value oriented home theater, we can help design and implement a dedicated theater room that will exceed expectations and perform at the highest level possible. There is much more than just equipment that goes in to making a theater room. Our staff is highly skilled in recognizing each individual’s needs and wants and will guide you throughout the entire process. Our trained and certified technicians will handle everything from the design and engineering, to the install, configuration, and calibration of the room. Once the room is finished, we will spend as much time as is necessary to educate and train you on your system to ensure that you are getting maximum value out of your investment.

Lifestyle Audio / Video

Sometimes enjoying the luxuries of technology do not always meet eye-to-eye with modern décor. Let us give you creative ideas to provide functional audio and video solutions in a seamless, and sometimes invisible, package. From as simple as mounting a TV and installing speakers in your living room or bedroom, to hiding amplifiers and source equipment in a cabinet, we will find a solution that delivers performance while not being distracting. We work with select manufacturers to provide you with the most accurate solution for every need. Hidden TV’s, Invisible Speakers, Automated Lifts, Relocated Equipment, and Universal Remotes are just part of what we do.

Distributed Audio

Whole-Home Audio systems are no longer reserved for the wealthy. There are a variety of systems on the market now that cater to any taste and budget. Let us explore the options with you and help you decide on which solution works for your lifestyle. New technology also allows us to help you free your music. Listen to your iPod in the bedroom, jam out to your favorite radio station in the kitchen, relax to your favorite iTunes playlist on the patio and pool, or wirelessly stream music from your guests’ iPhone or Android during your dinner party. If you don’t currently have wiring for house music, we can deliver wireless solutions when needed, or retrofit wiring to key locations to provide the perfect solution.

Performance Audio

For the discerning and critical listener, quality audio is what moves you. If you’re looking for solid-state monaural or tube amplifiers, reference-grade equipment, audiophile source equipment and pre-amplifiers, separates, high quality DAC’s, equalizers, power conditioners, specialty cabling, and acoustic treatment, you have come to the right place. Let us meet with you to upgrade your existing system or build a new two channel stereo system from the ground up.

Universal Remotes

Are you tired of fumbling through multiple remotes and menus just to watch TV? Let us remove the hassle of using your entertainment system and provide you with a universal remote solution that meets your needs. We can provide you with anything from a basic IR/RF remote, to a fully integrated remote solution allowing control from touch screens, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Macs, and PC’s. Whatever your taste, we have a solution, and an app for that. We carry all the top brand programmable remote controls, or when necessary, we can even program your cable or satellite remote to control your TV. Simplicity is the name of the game and we will give you the ability to control all your electronics from anywhere in your home and even remotely.

Outdoor Audio / Video

A new breed of outdoor products has come to market and they are better performing, longer lasting, and more attainable than ever. With weatherproof TV’s, speakers, and high-performance outdoor products available, that boring patio or backyard space can now be an entertainment hotspot for your home. Bring the game outside on a high-definition flat panel television, jam out to the latest hit songs on your in-ground landscape music system, or enjoy high fidelity background music. With brands like Sonance, SunbriteTV, Rockustics, Niles and more, we can provide an outdoor solution for every taste and budget.

Acoustics & Room Planning

Sometimes high-performance equipment isn’t enough. If you are looking to take your dedicated theater experience to the next level, let us help you design your room. We will help plan the ideal room, calculating optimal seating locations, speaker placement and screen size to make the most out of your space. We also can provide acoustical treatment solutions of any shape and size. From inexpensive wall treatment options and acoustic panels, to fully engineered rooms complete with technical drawings, acoustic decoupling, sound isolation and barriers, and dampening options, contact us for the premier experience in home theater. We work with companies such as Acoustic Innovations, Kinetics, and more to provide turn-key solutions with predictable and guaranteed results.

TV & Internet Provider

Let Wyred AV, LLC provide you with concierge services to get the right TV & Internet package for your home or business. We are experts in educating our customers and procuring utilities, and can help direct you to the right provider and package that precisely fits your needs. Best of all, it’s FREE! With Wyred AV concierge services, you won’t have to worry about being sold a solution that doesn’t quite fit your needs. We provide recommendations based off of price, performance, integration, and future upgradeability. Ask for our utility assist program and we will meet your service provider in the home to make sure the installation goes smoothly, and professionally, without hiccups.

Golf Simulators

Are you looking to hone and enhance your golf game, or do you just want to be the envy of all your golfing buddies? Wyred AV provides turn-key golf simulators, using the very best in technology from ForeSight Golf Simulators. Save thousands over comparable products, and get the most accurate and reliable simulation available on the market today.