Control Systems

When it comes to the integration of multiple systems and technologies, we excel in providing a solution that not only is proven and functional, but customized for every taste and environment. Home automation is about simplifying your life and making your home your favorite place to be. Let us help plan out an electronics system that is simple to use, properly balanced, efficient and cost effective. We will work with you to learn about your specific needs and lifestyles and make recommendations on our vast experience in the industry. As a premier Control4 dealer and programmer since 2007, we know the product lines inside and out. Control4 provides a simplified and unified user experience, available on all major Smartphone and operating system platforms. If you’re a fan of Apple products, we also offer Savant to provide seamless and customized integration with the Apple products you know and love. Let our certified sales team help build a system with the right amount of integration you need, with the budget you want. Whether you want to control and integrate your audio/video systems, music, lighting control, motorized shades and blinds, surveillance system, security system, pool and irrigation control, or even your overhead garage doors, we will implement the right solution for you.

Intercom Systems

Have you ever wondered who is at the front door? Wonder no longer with a video intercom solution. With outdoor and indoor door stations, in-wall touch screens, and wireless touch screens, there is a product to fit every area of your home. Not only can sleek touch screens provide the latest in video intercom capabilities, but they double as control stations for your home. Call your daughter’s room to tell her goodnight, then turn off her lights right from the comfort of your bed. Tell your son to clean his room and then see if he actually is cleaning his room.

Climate Control

Energy savings has never been so easy. Complete control of all the thermostats in your home from one place provides simplicity and the ultimate in control. Programmable thermostats let you adjust usage for your exact needs. We can even control your heated flooring. Forgot to turn off the AC as you left for your vacation? Open up your home integration app and set your thermostats to Vacation mode from anywhere in the world. Re-enable them as you get on the plane to come home, knowing you home will be comfortable by the time you arrive. Also adjust your HVAC system based on what your home is doing. Turn off your thermostats if your smoke detectors go off to prevent the spread of smoke or raise your preset temperature when it is over 100 degrees outside to save energy. Whatever your needs, we have a solution that fits them.

Lighting Control

Never walk in to a dark home again. How is this possible? With lighting control, the possibilities are endless. With a Control4, Savant, or Lutron lighting control solution, your home is smarter than ever. Your exterior lights automatically turn on when it gets dark outside, and then turn off at midnight to save energy. Occupancy sensing and preset light levels also save energy and dramatically increase bulb life. When you leave the house and arm your security system, all the lights in the house turn off – automatically. When you come home and disarm your security system, a pathway of lights illuminate to your kitchen and then on to your master suite. At night, press your “Goodnight” button and know that all the lights in your home are turned off. Preset scenes such as “Party Mode” and “Dinner Time” set lights to levels with one touch. Even set your home to “Vacation” mode to make the lights turn on and off as if you were actually present. Is your home already built? Let us provide you with a retrofit solution that fits your budget as well.

Shades & Blinds

Lighting control does not stop at just the lights. Motorized shades and blinds are a critical part in managing your home’s energy usage. Scheduled events and custom buttons can give you full control of all window treatments in your home. When the sun starts shining in the evening, the shades automatically close to reduce harmful UV rays and lower the need for air conditioning. At night, all shades and blinds close to provide privacy. In the morning, a wakeup scene activates, letting natural sunlight in at 6:00am, giving you the proper start to your day. Whether you use Lutron, Somfy, Hunter Douglas, or other manufacturers, we will work with you to automate and control your blinds and shades.

Scheduled Events

Sometimes making your home easy to use is not enough. What if your home could function without user input? This is where scheduled events come in to play. Scheduled events can control things from programmable thermostats, automatic lighting, fire and security system response, custom wakeup scenes, and closing your garage doors if they are left open past 9:00. During the holidays, your Christmas lights and holiday decorations can turn on and off automatically, your exterior lights turn on and off even when you’re not home, and your thermostats can adjust based off of the current or predicted outside temperature. Have your home wish you a happy birthday every year, use a voice command to turn off the TV, or have your speakers remind your son to take out the trash every Thursday night. If you have a need, chances are we can fill it. Let us brainstorm with you to provide solutions to meet every need, regardless of how simple or complex. It’s time you let your smart home work for you.

Pool & Irrigation Control

Integrating your pool and irrigation may be something you have never considered, but it is one more puzzle piece of the fully integrated home. Adjusting your lawn sprinklers has always been complicated until now. Let our user-friendly interface provide easy control of your sprinkler system. The system will automatically turn off when it rains and always water at the optimal time each day. Integration of your pool also simplifies things. Your pool robot runs on an automatic schedule, always ensuring it is clean. Party mode automatically turns your pool lights on, enables your water fall and dancing fountains, and makes your pool inviting to your guests, all with the touch of one button. Automated pool and irrigation control has never been easier and more functional for your integrated lifestyle.